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A “Glide” to the Finish Line

A seemingly effortless movement. I remember watching this woman's languid stroke in the Mediterranean waters below me in Polignano a Mare. Capturing her "glide" became my focus as I  began sketching and putting paint on this latest canvas. Fortunately, patience became my companion as "she" took form. This subject was not to be rushed. Her "Glide" speaks to me on a visceral, not mental,

A “Glide” to the Finish Line2024-03-19T12:07:55+00:00

Expressing Surrender

The paint is still drying... And another canvas has been sketched out and is ready to go. Painting is my favorite way of "speaking." Too much of my life has been dominated by expressions from the thinking and overly analytical mind. I'm learning to trust, more and more, what my subjects have to say to me through colors and brushstrokes.  This new piece, "Surrender"

Expressing Surrender2024-02-22T14:42:42+00:00
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