Venice Black and White Photography

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Introducing Jed Smith’s Venice Black and White photography series and a journey through the city’s canal and alleyways.

A rare snowstorm, portraits of gondoliers, and daily movements through a maze of canals, this series takes you deep into the Venetian experience.

This gallery of images captures everyday scenes of Venice in black and white. Each photograph functions as a portal into the culture, emotions, and narratives of the people of this eternally mysterious city.

This Venice black and white photography series seeks to transcend the ordinary “day-tripper” views of this ancient city. Jed’s lens captures not only iconic sights but also the nuanced seasons and hours that often escape the gaze of fleeting visitors. In this intimate portrayal, Jed offers a profound exploration into the essence of Venetian life. “Grimace” freezes the bearded scowl of a worker amid a rare blizzard, revealing an unfiltered moment of resilience. “Morning Preparations” unveils a solitary gondolier at dawn, a scene that slips past the average eye. The hooded profiles of Vigili del Fuoco passing on their boat exhibit a rare capture of the city’s protectors. Each image paints a vivid tapestry of authentic Venetian existence, offering a genuine glimpse into the everyday rhythms.

Should you any of these Venice black and white photography series resonate with you, the opportunity to possess one is within reach. Each photograph is available as a signed, limited-edition print.

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