Venice Color Photography

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Introducing Jed Smith’s Venice Color Photography series and a unique view of this ancient city and the nearby island of Burano.

These visual stories span early morning to midnight, capturing the many facets of Venice’s personality.

In these photographs, Jed seeks to capture the personality of “The Floating City” and its many alluring facets.

This Venice Color Photography series shows why there is no other city like Venice. Through rich hues and textures, and carefully considered compositions, these photographs pay tribute to a city where life beats through the veins and arteries of its winding waterways. Each frame encapsulates the essence of Venice, portraying the interplay between historic architecture, cultural richness, and the ever-present allure of its aquatic surroundings.

Jed’s photos also explore the enchanting island of Burano, just across the lagoon a visual feast for the senses. Amidst its labyrinthine streets, the town’s houses stand adorned in a riot of colors that defy reality, casting a spell of vivid enchantment.

Should any of these Venice Color Photography images resonate with you, the opportunity to possess one is within reach. Each photograph is available as a signed, limited-edition print.

And, if you’ve enjoyed this series, don’t miss the chance to explore  Jed’s Italian Life Color Photography.

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