Water Series

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In this exclusive water series, Jed shares his unique artistic expression of the movement of human life in the sea.

Inspired by a transformative trip to the seaside town of Polignano a Mare in the enchanting region of Puglia, this series was born.

It was here, watching the human form in the embrace of nature’s grandeur, that Jed’s fascination with water began to deepen. He spent days camping out near the cliffs, patiently watching the ever-changing sea. He was mesmerized by the way light danced upon its surface and how the water moved in response to the tides and human movement.

Jed’s artistic journey became a quest to capture the essence of these fleeting moments. Armed with his brushes and a passion for precision, he skillfully translates the ephemeral beauty of the Adriatic into timeless water stories. Each brushstroke is a testament to the play of light, the dance of water, and the profound emotions that continually draw us back to the sea.

Water beckons to us, inviting us to bask in its timeless allure. In the embrace of water, we find a profound sense of calm, healing, and connection to the very essence of life itself. After all, our first home was a watery environment.

Through his water series, Jed invites you to embark on a visual adventure, where you can witness the seamless blend of observation and artistic ingenuity. Each painting reflects not only the brilliance of the Adriatic but also the emotions and experiences that fill its vast expanse.

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