Venice & Burano

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Welcome to the captivating world of Jed Smith’s Venice & Burano painting series.

In these paintings, the artist delves into the enchanting beauty of Venice’s canals and alleyways and the vibrant and color-saturated island of Burano, located just a short vaporetto ride away.

Jed Smith’s Venice & Burano painting series, showcased here at, is an exploration of the enigmatic personalities of both Venice and the nearby island of Burano.

The artist skillfully delves into Venice’s allure, seeking to capture the city’s mysterious essence in its labyrinth of canals and alleyways. Of particular note is Jed’s particular fascination with Venice at night, exemplified by captivating works like “Midnight Passage” and “Ca’ Rezzonico.” In these pieces, he skillfully employs shadows, reflections, and distant interior lights to capture the city’s shadowy side.

 Jed’s fascination does not end with Venice alone. The neighboring island of Burano, with its picturesque fishing village, holds a contrasting allure. The artist finds abundant inspiration in Burano’s seemingly impossible vibrant colors that adorn its charming houses and buildings. Of particular note is his painting “Mending His Net.” These saturated colors are what make Burano so unique.

Jed’s Venice & Burano series unveils a compelling dialogue between these two Veneto two locales, each unveiling a distinct facet of Italy’s rich cultural tapestry. As viewers immerse themselves in these paintings, they embark on an artistic journey that reveals the soul of both cities and the profound impact they have on the artist’s imagination.


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